Principal Gordon with 2018 Valedictorian, Davon McCoy.

Principal Gordon with 2018 Valedictorian, Davon McCoy.

Dear CMMS Parents and Scholars,

I greet you with the promise and hope that this new Academic Year 2018-2019 brings. I am pleased to announce our moving to house all our scholars under one roof at 12-79 Redfern Avenue, Far Rockaway, NY 11691. Toward the end of the last school year and this summer we have spent a tantamount of time planning for the strategic changes that will continue to take CCMS along a trajectory of instructional improvement. We have heightened our Targeted PD for Teachers to ensure that the instructional core--the interaction between teacher and student in the presence of the content--strengthens. For we know that the only real change and improvement in schools come as a result of teachers and leaders growing their knowledge and skills. Additionally, we seek to change the role of the student in the instructional process by employing the Question Formulation Technique (RQI) and the Socratic Method. These are chiefly aimed at heightening our questioning techniques at CCMS. We aim to make questioning the role of scholars as natural to the learning process as possible.

This year we will continue with our Grade 8 Honors classes in ELA, Math and Living Environment. At the end of the year these cohorts will be writing our Math and Living Environment Regents, and we anticipate lots of success in these exams. Under of the umbrella of our Performing Arts Program, we welcome back the Alvin Ailey Dance School partnership and will continue to strengthen our Visual Arts and Music programs.

At CCMS we also understand that our scholars need to be supported emotionally in order for them to fully thrive cognitively. Thus this year our Social Science Team (School Counselors, Social Worker and Special Education staff) will work in tandem with each other and the entire staff to support our scholars. Parents: we want you as part of that team as well. We know that without your support we cannot achieve any of the goals aligned for this academic year. Be sure to make time for Parent Association meetings, Curriculum Night, Parent Workshops, and IEP reviews. We look forward to seeing you and your scholars at these events.

The highlights above are just a snippet of the trajectory in which CCMS will journey in this 2018-2019 Academic year. Stay tuned, CCMS family.

We are the CCMS Cheetahs! We are focused and strategic! We Press for Progress!


Meeting the Challenge,

Mavgar Mondesir-Gordon, 6-8 Principal