August 2017

Dear Scholars, Parents and Community Friends,

It is with utmost pride that I welcome you to the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year!  Planning for new additions to the curriculum, instructional support for our teachers, preparations for an off-site campus for the sixth graders, and a top-to-bottom refurbish of the CCMS building kept a team of staff members busy throughout the summer weeks.

I am here to facilitate the Challenge Network dream – to make our middle school all that it can be!   I too look forward to the rising expectations we all have as we come together this year to reach for the stars.  The middle school environment will become a bustling hub of academia.  A place where hopes come alive, where ideas are nurtured, and collaborations build strength.

For the first time, we will have a senior class of eighth graders.  Honors English and Algebra I Regents will be offered.  Each senior will be yearning to determine their next steps out into the world.  Our performing arts program will be extended to build developing skills and to expose the scholars to excellence and achievement.  Opportunities that foster social and emotional growth will prepare us all to incorporate school-wide core values such as respect, courage, honesty, scholarship and balance.  The Physical Education Department is reaching out for different forums where our athletic poise and ability can be advanced.

So set your clock…Establish your pace…Bring your game face...and your fortitude!  

All are welcome!

Educationally yours,

Sonja Webber-Bey, 6-8 Principal

Principal Webber-Bey

Principal Webber-Bey