Middle School Guidance Counselor  - APPLY


Challenge Preparatory Charter School (“Challenge Prep”) is a community-based public charter school that was founded in 2010 to serve students and families in the Far Rockaway section of Queens, New York. We currently serve grades K-5 and are in the midst of expanding to grades K-8 by the 2018-19 school year. We are seeking a MS Guidance Counselor who is eager to help grow the school’s curriculum, develop innovative instructional techniques, and accelerate learning for our middle school students so they are prepared for college-preparatory curricula when they reach high school. Successful candidates will demonstrate passion and commitment both within their classrooms and among the broader community as the “challenge” at Challenge Prep is to provide our students with a world-class education and serve as a beacon for excellence throughout the community.


Our school’s mission is to cultivate the intellectual, social, emotional and ethical development of our students and prepare them for long-term success both inside and beyond the classroom. We aim to accomplish this mission by building a culture among students, faculty, staff, parents and community members that conveys excitement about learning, fosters creativity and collaboration, and celebrates success.  

All members of the Challenge Prep community, including teachers, staff and school leadership: 

  • Share a common understanding of what quality teaching looks like by adopting the Danielson Framework for Teaching. 
  • Believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn, and that academic success is inextricably tied to building social-emotional competencies. 
  • Take full responsibility for the academic progress of our students and incorporate innovative methods of evaluating the effectiveness of faculty, staff, and school leadership across all grade levels and program areas. 
  • Conduct annual professional evaluations that use multiple measures to determine effectiveness, including classroom observations and student outcomes.
  • Provide intensive supports for new teachers to help ensure their success.


The Middle School Guidance Counselor is responsible for assisting middle school students in the areas of academic development, career development as well as social and emotional development. The Guidance Counselor is responsible for ensuring the successful transition of middle school students to high schools, including advising students on the high school admissions process and ensuring they have met all deadlines and satisfied all prerequisites for admission to high school. The middle school guidance counselor’s reporting responsibility is to the Middle School Principal.

Primary Functions

  • Assist students in the areas of academic development, career development, as well as emotional and social development
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, and parents to better understand and meet the needs of all students

  • Provide individual and small group counseling as needed

  • Make appropriate referrals of students and parents to outside agencies and specialists when necessary

  • Make self a visible body in school by participating in a variety of activities that contribute to the school’s effectiveness

  • Continually plan, evaluate, and revise the school counseling program

  • Pursue continuous professional development and growth

  • Promote an understanding and appreciation for diverse populations

  • Develop, review, and revise a career and educational plan for each student

  • Monitor and advise students and parents as to progress toward promotion and graduation

  • Prepare students for transition from middle school to high school.

  • Cultivate relationships with admissions counselors at independent high schools in the New York City area and metropolitan area.

  • Have a high degree of familiarity with the admissions process for New York City public high schools, including selective public high schools.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Hold a master’s degree in school counseling from an accredited college or  university
  • Knowledge of local policies and state and federal laws pertaining to school counseling
  • Possess certification or meet the certification requirements for school counselor from the New York State Education Department