Richards Serves Challenge Charter Schools in New Role

Mrs. Tameeka Richards has a new position with Challenge Charter Schools. Formerly the AP of Operations, Richards is now the AP of Pupil Personnel Services. Richards began her educational career as a school counselor, and this new role is enabling her to connect with students on a more regular basis while working with staff to ensure the success of every scholar at Challenge Prep and Challenge Middle.

Richards works weekly with the Child Study Team. This team of teachers and staff, such as the school counselor and the intervention teachers, assesses regularly updated scholar data and focuses on helping children to get to success through strategies and intervention. The desire and expectation is for every student to be at mastery of Common Core State standards.

“We want to make sure that we are using the right tools. We want to see the lightbulb and spark go off. Our hope is that every scholar will grasp and own their learning and their behavior. A teacher is a facilitator, a ‘guide at the side.’ We encourage scholars to be in the driver seat of their education,” Richards noted.

Challenge Charter Schools has long been dedicated to the whole child under the vision and direction of CEO and Founder, Dr. Mullings. The creation of this position affirms the continued pursuit of academic excellence and development of each Challenge Prep scholar.

On her favorite part of her new position Richards said, “I’m about making sure that no child falls through the cracks. The best part of my job is ‘catching’ children that may need some extra help and to give them what they need to be successful in school.” 

Tameeka Richards

Tameeka Richards