Sonja Webber-Bey Named Middle School Principal

Rev. Dr. Les Mullings announced today that Mrs. Sonja Webber-Bey will be assuming the role of Principal for Challenge Charter Middle School effective April 19th following Spring Recess.

Mrs. Webber-Bey was the Principal of Challenge Preparatory Charter School the year it was founded in 2010. Earlier this year, Webber-Bey came back to help address specific needs at the Middle School. Her over 20 years of educational expertise includes time as an Elementary teacher in Far Rockaway, Math coach and Assistant Principal in Brooklyn. As a parent living in Far Rockaway, she spent many years actively involved often as the PTA President and spokesperson at School Board Meetings in District 27. She holds graduate degrees from NYU in Elementary Education and from LIU in Reading. 

"It has been of great benefit to have Mrs. Webber-Bey back at Challenge the past few weeks as a Curriculum Coach, and we look forward to the wealth of knowledge she will bring to the role of Principal at our Middle School," stated Dr. Mullings.

In recent years, Webber-Bey served as a Field Supervisor for NYC DOE in the Office of Teacher Quality preparing individual Professional Development plans for teachers and developing school collaborations. She also served as an Educational Specialist at the Beacon After School Program for Goldie Maple Academy, helping with curriculum and support and development of staff. She is a member of the NYC DOE Principal pool, and in addition to her Masters degrees, she holds a degree from Hunter College School of Education in Administration and Supervision.

Mrs. Webber-Bey has a phrase she uses that serves as a driving theme for her work in education: Think resilient! 

She stated, "I am passionate about the Far Rockaway community and have spent my years here raising my family and improving my educator's skills so I might impact the youth within my neighborhood. I believe each scholar has a dream of a wonderful life they hope to have. All I can do to support the whole child in his or her journey I will do."

Sonja Webber-Bey

Sonja Webber-Bey