Uniforms May be Ordered from Ideal Uniform Store - http://www.idealuniform.com/cpmsfr

CCMS Dress code

Challenge Prep Middle School strictly enforces an appropriate uniform dress code for all scholars. Please review the following parameters:

School uniforms (WHITE TOPS WITH SCHOOL LOGO EMBROIDERED and KHAKI BOTTOMS) are mandatory Monday through Friday. Yellow CCMS gym t-shirt and burgundy CCMS sweat suits are permitted for gym.

  • During assemblies ALL scholars will be required to wear the CCMS uniform—white buttoned-down shirt/blouse; khaki slacks/skirts; burgundy blazer; plaid tie; burgundy socks/tights; and black shoes/sneakers.
  • Boys may not wear earrings.
  • Girls - Socks/tights should be burgundy and shoes should be black.
  • Girls - Hair modestly styled, no colors. No body piercings.
  • Girls may wear small post or small hoop earrings only.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear skinny jeans.
  • Hair modestly styled in a natural color. Designs should be very conservative and modest.

Scholars arriving at school without the required uniform will not be admitted to class and the parent will be contacted immediately. Parent must bring in uniform or pick up scholar to go home. Scholars are not allowed to wear Spirit Day shirts to class if it is not a designated Spirit Day. Violation of the uniform policy results in the outlined behavioral consequences in the CCMS 2017-18 Student/Parent Handbook.