Challenge Charter Middle School is MUSIC!



All Challenge Charter Middle School scholars engage in the study and practices of music. This includes regularly scheduled classes in vocal music. In addition, enrichment clubs such as Step Team and Performing Arts give scholars the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment while learning about confidence, team work, collaboration, and performance readiness.

CCMS Step Team 2018-19

CCMS Step Team 2018-19

CCMS scholars in the 7th & 8th grade will have meaningful engagements in music (composing and improvising based on culturally relevant interests) and will build on these positive connections to develop the skills and knowledge of accomplished musicianship, moving into other forms, such as classical music. 

Excellence in musical performance has been a regular part of Challenge Charter Schools since its inception, and our scholars perform in a variety of programs throughout the year from school assemblies to community celebrations such as Black History Month.