The Cheetah Report

Each week our middle school scholars take part in the Cheetah Report. This internal video news report is given daily by a student and features history, new vocabulary words, school reminders, and more. Principal Gordon recently described the report and the way it enriches the learning of our scholars saying:

"My vision for the daily CCMS Cheetah Report was to create a platform for the scholars to display their skills in reading and oration on demand, and additionally provide an incentive for them to aspire for greatness, as qualifying scholars must have good attendance and deportment. Another goal was to have this report serve as an instructional tool to address and leverage the speaking and listening standards outlined by the state of New York.

Airing live during the morning advisory period before instruction begins, this report helps us reinforce a community mindset among our scholars, and sets the tone for the day via important reminders and shoutouts for exemplar behaviors. We announce the instructional day as well as the testing countdown, so that the scholars are reminded about the value of time spent in the classroom and to keep an eye on key dates. Birthdays are acknowledged so that no one's special day goes unnoticed and scholars are asked to repeat our school's motto: Teach Me...Prepare Me...Challenge Me... By punctuating each report with this mantra, we are reminding scholars and staff of our purpose here at CCMS."

Be sure to ask your scholar about the Cheetah Report. 

Middle School Scholars give the daily Cheetah Report.

Middle School Scholars give the daily Cheetah Report.