Staff Focus: Michael Sonnichsen


Michael Sonnichsen is the Director of Curriculum for our 6-8 Grade Scholars. This sports enthusiast plays a very important support role at Challenge Charter Middle School as we found out in a recent interview.

Describe your role as Director of Curriculum.

Sonnichsen: My role as Director of curriculum consists of overseeing all instruction and supporting teachers with instructional planning and support in the classroom. I meet with teachers based on walk-throughs, snapshots, etc. and discuss the delivery of the lesson. The role also includes overseeing curriculum maps and scope and sequence for pacing within the units. These are just a few responsibilities of my role as Director of Curriculum.

What is the 8th Grade Honors ELA focused on this year? What are the honors scholars learning?

Sonnichsen: The 8th grade honors scholars are currently working in a unit that deals with taking a stand. The book they are reading is “To Kill a Mocking Bird.”

What is your favorite hobby or activity outside of work?

Sonnichsen: My hobbies include anything involving sports. I currently play hockey and bowl in a league once a month. I enjoy going to sporting events and concerts. I am a New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys fan. I love the beach too.

What word or phrase drives you to be an excellent teacher at CCMS?

Sonnichsen: Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you CAN DO!