6th Grade Lead Teacher

Patrick magennis

7th Grade Lead Teacher

Siara Rosario

8th Grade Lead Teacher & Living Environment

Anita Edwards

The aim of the our science curricula is to teach scientific content, principles and practices, and to train students to use various methods to learn independently and to problem solve. Our science education programs are inquiry-based and rooted in pragmatic situations and experiences, with academically rigorous content that is framed in contexts that are relevant to our scholars’ lives. 

Our science curriculum for all grades follows the New York State Science standards inclusive of the CCSS for literacy in Science and is rigorous and focused on providing students with the skills, content knowledge and capacity for scientific thinking and inquiry necessary for them to engage successfully in college study. The curriculum is based on a discovery/expeditionary learning model.

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Each grade follows one of three curriculum tracks throughout the year.

  • Sixth graders study Transformation of Energy including simple and complex machines, weather, diversity of life and interdependence.

  • Seventh graders delve into Cycles of Matter and Energy, Form and Function. They will study geology, interactions between matter and energy, dynamic equilibrium: the human animal, and dynamic equilibrium, other organisms.

  • Eighth graders learn about Constancy and Change. They will study: Reproduction, Heredity and Evolution, Forces and Motion on Earth, Earth Sun and Moon Systems, and Humans in Their Environment, Needs and Tradeoffs.

Throughout all of these curricular strands, our scholars focus on the ways humans impact the world around them. In all three grades, the curriculum uses hands-on activities and experimentation to deepen conceptual understanding and facility with scientific methods.

Our scholars with exceptional science aptitude may have the opportunity to accelerate their science study by taking a double science sequence beginning in Grade 7 or by taking the Regents Level Living Environment course in Grade 8.