Challenge Charter Middle School scholars study Spanish. Proficiency in a second language is a prerequisite for 21st century students to be prepared to participate successfully in the global economy. Business is now operating and will only continue to increasingly operate in the global marketplace; therefore foreign language fluency is a significant asset for job seekers since more and more companies conduct business internationally. The three top spoken languages in the world are Mandarin, English and Spanish. 

CCMS' foreign language study focuses on Spanish. Hispanic consumers are the fastest-growing market segment in North America. Hispanic population in the United States has grown by 60% in one decade and their buying power is expected to exceed $1.5 billion by 2016. Latin American countries are experiencing strong economic growth and have become important global community partners.

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Spanish is the dominant language of many immigrant families in the Rockaways, CCMS's home community. Oral and written fluency in Spanish has enormous ramifications for an individual’s ability to take advantage of opportunities to serve this important worldwide demographic.

During the annual Multicultural celebration, scholars and staff celebrate the diversity of various hispanic countries with food, music, presentations, displays and historical artifacts.